Life can be very unpredictable at times and it is not necessary that you always find a way to something good. There can be chances when you face some kind of fraud or clash with tenants that may need you to find legal support. However, these are cases in which you can find legal assistance to work on the process of litigation.

At just cause advocacy, we strive to give the most reliable and convenient paralegal services in Toronto to anyone struggling their way to small claims court in Toronto. We are the industry experts who can help you with anything related to landlord/tenant issues, immigration, real estate disputes, civil litigation or more.

Probably, you must be wondering about the reasons to establish trust in our services when looking for paralegal support. Here we bring you a quick list of reasons which will help you know about our business establishing trust for support.

Client Oriented: we have a team of professionals who are highly oriented towards the clients. Our paralegal services are meant to achieve results in small claims court. We can help you with anything related to civil litigation cases as well as filing an appeal to License Appeal Tribunal (LAT).  moreover, we provide secure and personal services like private investigation required for background checks, search for missing property, and missing person search, etc

Free Consultation: the second reason which makes it a great choice to work with professional paralegals at just cause advocacy is we give free consultation support. Unlike some legal services who may charge you big money for any initial advice, Just Cause Advocacy provides 30-minute consultation to our clients free of cost. This time is purely dedicated to understanding your concerns and sharing a complete guide for desired results with litigation.

Court Expertise: though we are not associated with representation in courts, we can give you the best advice and litigation support on anything related to civil litigation, RSLA matters, landlord-tenant laws, and every matter which can be resolved in Small Claims Court in Toronto.

All in all, we have the expertise to deal with cases associated with breaches, negligence, property damage, unpaid loans, preparing applications for tribunal advocacy, landlord or tenant protection, invoice disputes, etc.

If you are having a hard time finding legal assistance and claim on your rights, consider taking a free consultation session with our experts. We will be glad to assist you!