Are you looking to Dispute an Invoice? 

Are you disputing an invoice with your Auto Mechanic? Is the Mechanic refusing to release your vehicle until you pay? Is your customer refusing to pay for a repair or storage bill?

If you have a dispute about repairs to your vehicle, computer or boat or if a customer refuses to pay for your storage bill, then RSLA, Repair and Storage Liens Act may have a remedy for you.

It is very natural to have certain circumstances in which you may find yourself in trouble managing the invoice issues and you get yourself in a huge hassle because of them. However, to avoid all that trouble on your part, you can simply approach expert lawyers and paralegals in Toronto who are informed about RSLA.

RSLA is a powerful Act that offers protection to repairers and storers. Under the RSLA, a repairer or a storer who repairs or stores vehicles may be entitled to a lien over that property for costs of repair or storage. These RSLA liens can take priority over other security interests, even your vehicle loan. A repair and storage lien claimant will be entitled to what is called a “possessory lien” for so long as it has possession of the article. Under the RSLA, a possessory lien takes priority over the interest of any other secured creditor.


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RSLA is meant to save both repairers and storers as well as the customers who avail such services. But it is always worth the effort to approach Small Claims Court in order to claim possessions for any discrepancies you face with repair and storage.

However, Proceedings under the Repair and Storage Liens Act can become extremely complicated, but we are here to help.

A Mechanic or storage place having possessed your property for non-payment have the right to sell the property 60 days after the payment due date. If you are in a situation where RSLA may protect your rights, contact us immediately for assistance.

We offer you an easier way out to the legal solutions promising you affordable legal help saving your time and money. We have a team of professional, experienced, and compassionate Paralegals in Toronto who can help you preserve your rights, following every guidelines and laws that abide with RSLA.

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