Are you looking for private investigation services? We are here to help you in this regard.

Why is private investigation required?

In today’s world, deliberate breaching of integrity has become much more evident than in the past few years. Both personal and professional lives of people are now evident with the signs of breaching. In such cases, private investigation is the only option left for the victim.

Why choose us?

When it comes to private investigation, we are always there for our clients. We offer on time investigation reports on necessary subjects relevant to your concern. The private investigators in Ontario are authorized legally and so do we are. We are licensed under the Ontario Private Security and Investigative Services Act.

Background checking services:

The major requirement of any private investigation is background check. Background checking includes gathering information about the client and the information required by the client. We provide background check services and we regard it as the most important part of any investigation processes that we offer.

Information gathering services:

It might happen at times that the client needs to get some information about a particular business or person in general. We offer services that include general information gathering about an organization, business or person in individual.


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Our investigative research services:

In case a person is unable to get information about some missing properties or is unable to figure out their properties, we help them by gathering information about their missing properties. This includes getting details about the concerned property and also searching for it if required.

Additional services provided by us:

Just Cause Advocacy help people in unmasking the various violation of trust with our skilled and super qualified experts in the genre of private investigation. Our investigators work ardently in order to find out all solutions and answers. Not only private investigation services, but we also offer other legal services by Paralegals who all are licensed by the Law Suit of Ontario.

We also offer other legal services such as Landlord-Tenant Disputes, Civil Litigations (Small Claims Court) Services, Real Estate Disputes and more. Contact us today if you are looking for any legal services in Toronto and other cities in Ontario.

Our team for private investigation:

We work with a team of investigators who all are highly qualified and trained to carry out the job of private investigation with ease. Moreover, each one of our team comes with prior experiences in this field and thus we can offer people with investigations from various fields. Each of our team comes with a unique skill set along with specialization in both civil and criminal investigations as well.

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