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Professional and Affordable Notary Public services in Toronto, and GTA

Our team of professional notaries is dedicated to providing all our clients in Toronto and GTA with great information, affordable Notary Public services with a system that works well. We make your notary experience as easy as possible by our accessible, convenient Notary services and exceptional customer service. Our notaries offer a full range of notary public and commissioner for taking oaths and affidavits services. Certifying true copies of documents, witnessing signatures, and swearing oaths and affidavits are some of Notary Public services provided by our professional team in Toronto and GTA. If you are looking for a reliable Notary Public office with the same day and last-minute rush appointments, call us now.

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24/7 Notary Public services in and around Toronto

With our dedication to providing all our clients with the best possible Notary Public services, which are valid based on their needs. Based on your needs, we provide you with the best possible Notary Public services, which are valid and reliable. We know perfectly well how to handle sensitive paperwork with private information. So, you can be confident about contacting us.

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Some of our Notary services, which have been used by both individuals and businesses in Toronto, and GTA:

-Notarize your signature on a letter of invitation for one of your relatives in home country; (the person must sign in the physical presence of the notary)
-Notarize your signature on a letter (for example, a letter of consent for your child/children to attend a tournament across the border
– Commissioning Affidavits
No matter the time, we provide all our clients with in-person and online notary services and evening and weekend appointments!


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Our professional notaries can notarize many official signed documents, including marriage or divorce certificates, real estate transactions, birth, adoption, government documents, etc. Our professional and affordable notary public services are organized, efficient, and quick.

An official act of a Notary Public who has the authority to serve as an official witness is considered Notarization. They can often notarize agreements, contracts, and an almost limitless legal documents array in just some minutes.

Additional services offered by our notaries are:

– administer oaths, declarations, and solemn affirmations (for affidavits and statutory declarations)

– certifying your documents to be true copies of the original

Experienced and professional commissioner for oaths (taking affidavits)

Commissioners of Oaths are empowered by the Province of Ontario to take affidavits for any potential legal matter and administer and witness oaths’ swearing or declarations. It is usually indicated on the document around the signing area. They can also administer the oath for the taking of oral testimony. Our Commissioner of Oaths can help you in the following areas:

– To take Affidavits

– To notarize a Common-Law Union Statutory Declaration

– To administer Affidavits, Affirmations, and oaths

-Administering Solemn Declarations

– Affidavit of Services, Identity, and Execution

– To commission of Statutory Declarations, Licensing Applications, Forms & Declarations, and Oaths Services

-Affidavit for your Lost Cheque