In a perfect world, every deal between a landlord and tenant would run smoothly for as long as the lease was in place. While there are certainly situations where this does happen, there are also plenty more where the relationship sours and has the potential to turn contentious. In those instances, legal services very often need to be sought out by one or both parties, with Toronto paralegals on hand to help. The goal is to sort out the situation as fairly and amicably as possible, while ensuring that the party with the grievance has their needs taken care of.

In situations where the landlord and tenant are at loggerheads, the dispute most commonly ends up in small claims court, which means that the claim in question is for an amount lesser than $25,000. This is why paralegals are able to handle these cases, as it is their job to take care of the vast majority of claims that fall under the aforementioned amount. Whether you are a renter or a landlord, there are some very definite scenarios where you are going to need to make a claim to get what you are owed. Let’s take a closer look at instances where you might require the services of a Toronto paralegal:

  • Landlord Protection – The average landlord in Toronto will have made a sizeable investment to secure and property and get it ready to rent out. The expectation is that each tenant who stays in the property will maintain it as if it were their own, at least in terms of keeping it clean and habitable for future tenants. There is also an expectation that tenants will pay the agreed upon rental fee in full and on time, and that the tenant will not be a menace to neighbors. If the tenant fails to meet those requirements, the landlord may have no other option than to seek compensation.
  • Tenant Protection – There are some unscrupulous types out there who try to get as much out of their investment as possible, which can often mean not maintaining a property in a reasonable fashion. Tenants have an expectation that any issues or concerns that arise during the course of their lease will be properly dealt with by the landlord. If that does not happen, or if the tenant is somehow left put of pocket after dealing with something that should be the responsibility of the owner, then they too may need to seek out legal services.

Can you Sue your Landlord or Tenant?

Almost all rental residential properties in Ontario are subject to the Residential Tenancies Act, 2006 which regulates the price at which residential rental accommodation is available in Ontario, as well as a number of other aspects of the residential landlord and tenant relationship. However, any kind of disputes between landlords and tenants you face could make you raise requests for affordable legal help from the lawyers and paralegals in Toronto.

A landlord is responsible for the condition of the rental property as well as services and facilities to the tenant. The landlord must maintain the rental property in a good state of repair and fit for cohabitation. The tenant is responsible for the cleanliness and for the repair of damage caused by the negligent conduct of the tenants or their guests.


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A residential landlord is limited to its remedies when a tenant fails to pay for rent. Unlike a commercial landlord, a residential landlord can’t seize the tenant’s goods without a court order. However, being a landlord or tenant may bring you different types of issues with the property and rent which needs the paralegals in Toronto to assist. This can be related to rent-related issues a landlord may face with tenant or negligence and irresponsible behavior of the landlord when it comes to tenant needs.

Every time a tenant moves into a new rental place, it is vital for both tenant and landlord to agree on all the terms and conditions of living. Also, it needs both tenant and landlord to abide by laws and regulations, breach of which by any of the parties gives the right to approach the Small Claims Court for compensation.

We have touched upon a few of the issues that might cause friction between a landlord and a tenant, but there are many others that could lead to claims being filed with a Toronto paralegal. If you are unsure of your rights as a tenant or a landlord, then we suggest that call and talk to a paralegal who can help you understand the steps that need to be taken to put your situation right. Once simple call could save you from a ton of stress and out of pocket expenses.

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