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Paralegal & Legal Services in Mississauga:

Just Cause Advocacy provides Paralegal and legal services in Mississauga. Our office is located in Mississauga and we are serving people around the city of Mississauga. Our legal services include but not limited to:

Our legal experts provide Small Claims Court services to all areas in Mississauga and nearby cities such as City of Mississauga, Malton, North Peel, Dufferin Community Legal Services, Brampton, Caledon, Milton, Oakville, Burlington, Hamilton and all over the Greater Toronto Area…

Our Affordable Legal Services will save you thousands of dollars that you might need to pay for court and legal fees if you lose the case. We offer a FREE LEGAL CONSULTATION session to all our new patient to learn about their matters and inform them if the case is worth chasing. If you are looking for legal services or filing Small Claims Court (Less than $25,000.00) contact our expert and get a free consultation help before your next move.

Small Claims Courts and Legal Advice

Just Cause Advocacy‘s team of experts has an extensive experience in Mississauga and all over Ontario. Are you compensated for work performed? If not, you can solve your case in Small Claims Courts and Just Cause Advocacy can help you from zero to a hundred, so you can receive your compensations and loss.

If you are asking for $25,000.00 or less, you can claim a file in Small Claims Court, but if you are asking for more, you must file that in Superior Court. However, you can also wave the amount over $25,000.00, and file a claim in Small Claims Court in Mississauga and GTA.

Are you looking for FREE PARALEGAL CONSULTATIONS? Our legal experts with high experience and knowledge in Ontario Law are willing to answer your questions for free. Contact us today…

Looking to Sue in Mississauga?

As mentioned in the Small Claims Courts section, you can always sue someone for various reasons. However, sue is not always the best option and if you lose the case, you may have to pay all the courts and legal fees yourself. We totally recommend that you Talk to a Paralegal or Lawyer and explain your case. We will inform you if the case worth going after or not.


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5-Star Legal Services in Mississauga:

Just Cause Advocacy has won over 95% of its cases in Mississauga Small Claims Courts and that’s why our clients know Babak Karimkhani as one of the best legal service providers in Greater Toronto Area. We are proud to mention that Just Cause Advocacy has been referred to so many new clients as the five-star legal help and paralegals in Toronto. So if you are looking for the top legal service provider in Mississauga, contact legal help now.

Read this before Filing in Small Claims Court:

Are you looking to sue in Small Claims Court in Mississauga and Toronto? Read this page before taking any action.

You can sue or take legal action against a person or a company who owes you $25,000.00 or less. In this case, you can file in a court yourself or a paralegal can help you win the case. There might be cases that it’s very clear that you have the right to sue and receive up to $25,000.00, however, your defendant, if it’s a company or another person, will be having a strong legal help or a lawyer. If you lose the case to your defendant, you will have to pay all the fees for the court and legal.

Are you looking for legal help to win your Small Claims Court?

Just Cause Advocacy will provide you with exceptional and professional legal help and after your FREE CONSULTATION with a paralegal, all you need to do is wait for your Small Claims Court appointment. We will file your case and will gather as much as information possible to win your case. Our prices are more affordable compared to other paralegals in Mississauga.

Want to Fight Traffic Tickets in Mississauga?

A traffic ticket is no joke. .Many people think that paying the fine gets rid of the charge. This is not the case. Polices are being ordered to give more tickets and fines to drivers in Ontario. In 2019, traffic tickets have increased in order to decrease driving mistakes. Hand Held Device while driving’s ticket can get you high demerits points and thousands of dollars in fines. Paying the fine is pleading guilty to the charge and getting yourself a conviction on your driving record, which causes your insurance to go up, whether or not the charge included demerit points.

The number of Police cars has increased and they know how to give you tickets in Mississauga. Police know how and where to hide to give you speeding tickets. Many insurance companies consider the number of tickets, and not the amount of points or in some cases the severity of the violation, so making sure you give yourself the best chance to get your ticket removed is an important step in saving you thousands of dollars, let alone suspensions and other consequences depending on what you were charged with. Insurances can increase your monthly insurance fee up to $1000, just because you have more than 2 tickets in the past 3 to 5 years. In specific situations, Impaired Driving, Dangerous Driving, etc., can even land you in jail and leave you with a criminal record.

Just Cause Advocacy and Babak Karimkhani knows how to help you get rid of Speeding, Hand Held Device and other traffic tickets in Mississauga. Talk to a legal expert now to fight traffic tickets in Mississauga.

Why Just Cause Advocacy?

Just cause advocacy has helped hundreds of people winning their cases in Ontario’s Court of Justice. Our experts has an extensive experience being in Toronto, knowing the city rules and regulations. Call us now and in the Free Consultation session, we will show you how we won our previous cases that were similar to the legal matters you are facing now.

Looking for Paralegal Services in Toronto? We offer our legal services to all over Ontario and GTA. Contact us today to learn more about Just Cause Advocacy’s legal services.


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