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Reliable and experienced team of Just Cause Advocacy have notary public and paralegal services available during the Covid-19 pandemic while all legal procedures are still taking action in courts and boards. We are always committed to supply the whole Ontario community with our professional legal services. Our affordable paralegal and notary public services are provided dedicatedly and non-stop. Do not hesitate to call us.


Are you looking for a reliable, competent, and affordable paralegal team in ONTARIO to handle your “Small Claims Court” case? Just Cause Advocacy can help you with any Small Claims Court matter. We are a team of professionals with extensive experience of litigation and court experience who can help you with your case. DO NOT give up your legitimate legal rights because of high cost of hiring a competent legal representative!

Our Toronto Paralegal Service is a low cost alternative to taking an action in the Superior Court of Justice, which is governed by complex procedural rules and requirements, driving up the cost of legal representation significantly.

Just Cause Advocacy provide Paralegal Services all over Ontario includes Toronto, Mississauga, Ottawa, and Hamilton.Call now for 30 minutes free consultation with our Toronto Paralegal Experts (905) 816-1616

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Our experienced paralegals in Toronto can help you with any Civil Litigation cases. You may get involved in litigation, sue or get sued, for various reasons. We have the expertise to assist you in your case.



An appeal can be made to the License Appeal Tribunal (LAT), an impartial appeals tribunal that was created for consumers by the Ontario government. Call our Paralegals for exceptional help.



Just Cause Advocacy provides paralegal services for Small Claims Courts. If you are looking for a small claims court paralegal in Toronto, to represent you at the court, Contact us Now! We are here to help.







Breach of Contract

Background Check

(OMVIC) Ontario Motor Vehicle Industry Council


Obtain Character Information

(Tarion) Ontario New Home Warranties


Missing Property Search

(RECO) Real Estate Council of Ontario

Unpaid accounts or loan

Missing Person Search

Travel Industry Council of Ontario

Damage to Property

Search for Missing Tenant

(IRCC) Immigration, Refugee, and Citizenship Canada

Professional Malpractice

Business Private Investigation

Landlord and Tenant Board

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Just Cause Advocacy has an extensive experience of helping those who need paralegal services in Ontario, Greater Toronto Area.  Contact us today so we can provide you with exceptional paralegal services. 


Paralegal Toronto Landlord-Tenant

It is always essential to have access to valid information and right answers whenever dealing with a landlord and tenant dispute. Seeking for the legal landlord and tenant paralegal Toronto services is the best way to make this possible.

These services ensure that you’re using and following the complicated rules and procedures associated with land and tenant disputes for your success.

We offer efficient and cost-effective landlord and tenant paralegal services in Toronto and the surrounding areas. Other than representing you at the hearings of the Landlord and Tenant Board, we can help you with all the applications associated landlord and tenant disputes.

Also, we adhere to the Residential Tenancy Act as we work for your success. We have highly skilled paralegals who have a detailed record of success in this field. Therefore, they can give the support you need to enforce your rights.

Paralegal Toronto Driving Tickets

Toronto driving tickets are the type of fines issued to the bikers, bus drivers, passengers, motorists, and several other vehicle drivers whenever they break a traffic rule. If you get three driving tickets, this can lead to immediate cancellation of your insurance policy or even a spike in your insurance premiums. The bad news is that there are high chances for these tickets to accumulate quickly because of two forms of traffic violations that exist within Toronto.

But you don’t have to pay your driving ticket and take up your fate. We can help you! We are a highly experienced and qualified paralegal service that can help in fighting your driving tickets. Through our services, we can significantly decrease the funds and even get your driving ticket completely dismissed.

 Paralegal For Damage To Property

Damage to property can happen because of several reasons. For example, someone can have care of the property for a specific period and then get the property accidentally damaged. The most common case, associated with property damage is where an individual operates machinery carelessly, resulting in damage to property belonging to a different person. We identify this action as the ‘negligent act.’

In this case, this person has caused intentional damage to property. Also, this individual had a duty to take care of the property. The person carried out this act to destroy another person’s property. Therefore, this is a tort and actionable. If you feel that you want to receive financial compensation from the party(s), don’t hesitate to contact us for professional damage to property paralegal Toronto services.

Paralegal For Provincial Offenses Act (POA)

Provincial Offenses refer to laws and regulations that allow a business or individual to be their own representatives with no formal legal help. For example, all violations related to traffic and speeding are under the Highway Traffic Act. Also, garbage disposal, excessive noise, or animal control falls under the category of municipal by-laws.

It’s always essential to consult with a Toronto paralegal to get a comprehensive review of the situation before taking any other step. If you want to start a smooth journey that has a map or GPS, then don’t make an assumption you understand that situation. Consider checking with a paralegal, so you take the next step with confidence.  Also, retaining a paralegal is the right choice if you know nothing about the several and various provincial offenses laws.

Paralegal For Breach Of Contract

Breach of contract refers to the agreement that arises and originates from one or several coalitions to a binding agreement failing to fulfill the contract’s term or terms. Contracts occur in two primary forms, that is, the oral, and the written one. For valid oral agreements, there are enforceable written contracts. However, it is hard to prove the terms and existence of an oral contract.

Breach of contract features several remedies. There are some cases where courts compensate for the damage with a judgment, which is an award of money. Also, there are rare situations where courts order specific performance. Here, the party needs to perform as per the terms of the contract. This ruling happens where no individual can do the work set out in the agreement. Feel free seek our Breach to Contract paralegal services in Toronto if you have an issue in this field. We are ready to navigate your case and determine the best way to proceed with your matter.

Paralegal For (OMVIC) Ontario Motor Vehicle Industry Council

Ontario Motor Vehicle Industry Council is anentity that governs those selling and dealing with cars. OMVIC aims to protect the right of the car consumers by maintaining a fair and informed marketplace. Also, OMVIC works towards its primary aim by promoting industry professionalism and establishing fair and honest competition for all the registered car dealers. With the help of our Toronto Paralegal services, you can get the help you need. We are the right choice to contact if you face revocation or refusal to renew a registration of your Dealer or Salesperson by OMVIC. You need to contact us if OMVIC issues a proposal restricting you from renewing your registration. We can help you to appeal this decision within the allowed 15 days after receiving the proposal.